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Operations Research in practice: simple ideas that work


In this talk, some projects developed with industrial and service companies will be presented. In these projects, methodologies and techniques of Operations Research were used with great success. The approaches followed had a strong emphasis on structuring the problem and defining and collecting the necessary information. Using then simple techniques of Operational Research, it was possible to achieve in these projects significant results for these companies. The cases we will present will range from the reallocation of municipal services from the city of Porto to other municipal buildings, to the development of a decision support system for the management of vehicles in a rent-a-car company and the definition of prices for the storage of cereals, for human food and animal feed, in the Port of Leixões.

José Fernando Oliveira

is Full Professor at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, coordinating the Doctoral Program in Industrial Engineering and Management, and collaborates with the Business School of the University of Porto. He is senior researcher at the Industrial Engineering and Management group of the research institute INESC TEC. His primary research interests are decision and optimization problems, in particular problems related to the efficient use of raw-materials and other resources (cutting and packing problems) and to decision support systems in industry and services. He regularly publishes the results of his research in the main operations research and management science international scientific journals (60+ scientific publications, with in international journals), with a good recognition by the scientific community (SCOPUS h-index = 15 with a total of 698 citations, and Google h-index = 20 with a total of 1577 citations - as conferred on 2015.08.05), and keeps a constant activity in consultancy with public and private companies with dozens of successful projects completed (27 research projects funded by R&D funding agencies and 16 research projects funded by companies and other private and public organizations). He has successfully supervised 15 PhD thesis and 30 MSc thesis. During his more than 25 years long academic career he has mainly taught courses on Statistics, Operations Research and Operations Management and Logistics. He has served as Dean of Studies of the Faculty of Engineering, as main editor of the Portuguese Operational Research scientific journal, as Vice-President of the Association of European Operational Research Societies and is currently editor of the European Journal of Operational Research.


Viernes 26 de Julio de 2019
desde las 16:00 horas, hasta las 17:00 horas.

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